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Leslie French
About Nunwell Glass
We are husband and wife glassblowers, Andy Pyle and Leslie French. 
Over the years following our meeting in a glass studio in Kent, CT in 1986, we found ourselves making more and more pieces that combined our separate interests in glass (color for Leslie, silhouette for Andy) so we founded Nunwell Glass in 1990 as a means of focusing this fusion of ideas (still a work in progress).
Married in 1992, we bought our home in Lime Rock, CT in 1996. Our studio was completed in 2003.
Born Milford, CT  1962
Glass blowing since 1986
Born Reading, England  1956
Glass blowing since 1980
​Andy Pyle
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Over the years we have worked with many great people, we would like to thank them all for their generosity with their studios and their expertise.

Adeptus Arts
Bristow Studio Glass
Fellerman Glass
Gartner Blade
Gilmor Glass
Greenwood Glass
Liskeard Studio Glass
The Lodge
Lorenz Studios
Merlin Glass
Pinkwater Glass
Louis Sclafani
Tom Stoenner Glass

Great people we have studied with:

Stephen Paul Day
Alan Goldfarb
Dante Marioni
Dick Marquis